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Virginia Rat Terrier Dogs for Adoption
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Animal ID: 1782Kimchi (female)

Rat Terrier    Age: Adult

Compatibility: Good with Most Dogs, Good with Most Cats 
Health: Spayed, Vaccinations Current 

    Kimchi was rescued from a rural South Carolina shelter after being hit by a car, so it's not too surprising that this 3-year-old didn't want to be touched and would hide when she first came into rescue. Soon thereafter, it was discovered that Kimchi had heart worms, and during her months of treatment, her foster mom worked to gently desensitize her to being touched and to accept affection. Today Kimchi is completely healthy and ready for her forever home. While she's still a little nervous and not immediately comfortable with affection, she's coming around nicely. So far she has progressed to the point where if you have treats, she'll come ... (Read More)to you, take the treats, lick your hand, and stand in your lap. In just a little time, she'll be a loyal pet to you if you're patient and continue working with her. She likes to sit on the couch and soon will most likely become an awesome bed snuggler. Kimchi is a well-mannered young lady, who's crate trained and house trained and who walks nicely on a leash. She's good with other dogs, big and small, and doesn't seem to care about cats one way or the other. Children, on the other hand, confuse her and might have a hard time being gentle with their hands, so she should not be around young kids, especially while she's still learning to be comfortable with being touched. While Kimchi was on rest throughout her heart worm treatment, she put on a little weight. Currently 16 lbs., she'll most likely shed a pound or two now that she has full exercise privileges. You can see more photos of Kimchi in her online photo album at . ========================================================================================If you are interested in adopting Kimchi, please go to New Rattitude's website at, where there is detailed information and a link to our adoption application. (Less)

 Adoption Fee: $175 Animal Location:

New Rattitude
Piney River, VA 22964 MAP IT!


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Animal ID: 1814Cher (female)

Rat Terrier    Age: Adult

Health: Spayed, Vaccinations Current 

    Exuberant Cher is full of affection. She loves attention and being near her humans, and she'll follow right with you as you go about the house. Cher weighs 15 lbs. and is probably 3 or 4 years old (no more than 5, says her vet). In her foster home, she loves to play with her foster brothers, chasing and wrestling with them or just hanging out together. She did not do so well with the canine residents in a former home, however, for unknown reasons. So new doggy introductions need to be slow and deliberate to give her time to feel comfortable and ensure that all will be congenial. Based on how she will tear across the yard to chase squirrels, ... (Read More)it is doubtful that she would do well with cats. Cher doesn't seem to have learned much in her former life before coming to rescue, so she is now being introduced to all kinds of new things like walking on leash, staying calm when her people leave the home, sleeping quietly in a crate at night, coming when called, and responding to other verbal cues. Since she is one of those dogs who makes good eye contact and can really focus her attention on you, she is making good progress quickly. She has already mastered the dog door and uses it to take herself inside and out when she needs. With the dog door and a set potty schedule, her house training has been good. Her best claim to fame, though, is the warm greeting she gives you when she is happy to see you, wriggling most adorably, with her whole body quivering in excitement and happiness and her little tail wagging so quickly that it is just a flickering blur. Check out more photos of lovable Cher in her photo album at . ========================================================================================If you are interested in adopting Cher, please go to New Rattitude's website at, where there is detailed information and a link to our adoption application. (Less)

 Adoption Fee: $175 Animal Location:

New Rattitude
Alexandria, VA 22310 MAP IT!


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Animal ID: 1791Dr. Watson (male)

Rat Terrier    Age: Adult

Compatibility: Good with Most Dogs, Good with Kids and Adults 
Health: Neutered, Vaccinations Current 

    We've met some pretty awesome dogs in our many years of rescue work, but Dr. Watson has to be one of the most amazing. He has an indentation on the side of his head, where he was obviously struck or had some kind of accident in the past, had bad teeth, which have since been removed, and was on his own for a while (and a very thin fellow) as a stray in rural Virginia--absolutely none of which has affected his wonderfully kind heart. Workers at the shelter where Watson ended up recognized his gentle soul and reached out to New Rattitude, and a local veterinary clinic donated all his vetting services, including removing his rotten teeth. Now ... (Read More)that he's put on a little weight (he's currently 16 lbs.) and healed from his dental work, this sweet senior fellow, thought to be about 10 years old, is eagerly looking forward to a new chapter in his life--one in which he can love his people with abandon and be loved in return. A healthy and happy guy, Watson will lavish his affection on anyone who lets him, and he gets along with dogs, cats, and respectful children. He is completely housebroken and listens to basic commands. Calm enough to chill out on the weekend but with enough energy to take a long, daily walk, he wants nothing more than to be your faithful companion. If you're feeling like you might be just what Dr. Watson ordered, check out more pictures in his online album at and then welcome him into your home to enjoy the life he so richly deserves. ========================================================================================If you are interested in adopting Dr. Watson, please go to New Rattitude's website at, where there is detailed information and a link to our adoption application. (Less)

 Adoption Fee: $175 Animal Location:

New Rattitude
Piney River, VA 22964 MAP IT!


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Animal ID: 1780Skipper (female)

Rat Terrier    Age: Adult

Health: Spayed, Vaccinations Current 

    When Skipper first arrived at her foster home from a North Carolina shelter, it was immediately clear that this 5-year-old was one sweet little lady. She graciously bore the greetings of her seven new canine siblings of all sizes and patiently stood while her foster mom bathed and brushed her. Later at the vet, it also became clear that Skipper (named for the little skipping step she takes every few paces) had a number of physical issues, including bad teeth, a hernia, and most notably a heart murmur (please see She bravely handled her spay, dental, and hernia procedures, and the medication for the ... (Read More)murmur immediately improved her alertness and energy. Now with the meds doing their job and her stitches all healed, Skipper is proud to announce that she's ready for her forever home! Skipper's ideal family will understand her special needs. She must take daily medication, and her family must be vigilant to any symptoms of changes in her murmur. Her diet must remain light--no snacks or treats--to maintain her weight at around 11 lbs., and her activity needs to be light but regular. Skipper is the love of anyone who picks her up and holds her. Preferring to be near her person, she'll walk pleasantly by your side inside and outside. She's wonderful with gentle children, loves to burrow in a 'cave' bed, sleeps by her foster mom's bed or on her lap, and eats politely with the other dogs. She has come along beautifully with her house training with regular outings, including when she gets up in the morning and after each meal. A dear, loving girl, Skipper can't wait to be your special cuddle companion. ========================================================================================If you are interested in adopting Skipper, please go to New Rattitude's website at, where there is detailed information and a link to our adoption application. (Less)

 Adoption Fee: $175 Animal Location:

New Rattitude
Wingina, VA 24599 MAP IT!


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Animal ID: 1781Precious (female)

Rat Terrier    Age: Adult

Health: Spayed, Vaccinations Current 

    Precious found herself in a shelter when her elderly owner could no longer take care of her. This friendly 5-year-old weighs 18 lbs. and has plenty of energy to keep up with an active family. Precious just loves people! Favorite pastime? Snuggling with her person on the couch! She can be a bit confused by children and will tentatively seek out their affection. With proper introductions and respectful behavior, she quickly understands that children can be friends and that they often have yummy snacks. Precious may try to be a little bossy with other dogs, but she is easily corrected. And she handles herself like a lady around kitties--no ... (Read More)barking or chasing. Precious is crate trained and leash trained and has recently gotten a refresher on her house training. Precious is such a happy girl. She has a spring in her step that makes her look like she is dancing. She loves to look over her shoulder adoringly at you and will quickly shower you with kisses. She spent the day at the vet's office and was a favorite with all the staff for being such a sweet, loving girl. More photos of Precious are available in her online album at . ========================================================================================If you are interested in adopting Precious, please go to New Rattitude's website at, where there is detailed information and a link to our adoption application. (Less)

 Adoption Fee: $175 Animal Location:

New Rattitude
Alexandria, VA 22310 MAP IT!


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Rescue Me ID: 16-05-19-00279Ziggy (male)

Rat Terrier Mix    Age: Adult

Compatibility: Good with Most Dogs, Good with Kids and Adults 
Personality: Average Energy, Submissive 
Health: Neutered 

    Ziggy is a 7 year old Jack Russel/ Rat Terrier hybrid. He is very sweet and submissive with all people and greets them with wagging his whole body and embracing attention. He is extra sweet with women and loves to snuggle up on the couch. With our other dogs he is good but has that Jack Russel little dog syndrome and demands respect. He is vocal at times usually when he wants to go out or sees a squirrel through the back window as seen in the picture. We are looking for new home that better suits his needs as we do not feel we have been giving him adaquete time and exercise due to schedules and life. We are asking $50 for an adoption fee and ... (Read More)are looking only for a serious owner who will give him a good loving home and meet his needs. 757-771-3925 (Less)

 Adoption Fee: $50 Animal Location:

Newport News (City) Newport News, VA MAP IT!

Christopher Stout 7577713925

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Rescue Me ID: 16-04-08-00053Angel (female)

Rat Terrier Mix    Age: Puppy

Compatibility: Good w/ Most Dogs, Good w/ Most Cats, Good w/ Kids and Adults 
Personality: Very High Energy, Average Temperament 
Health: Spayed, Vaccinations Current 

    Angel is a very sweet and highly energetic young lady. This Rat Terrier mix is about 1 yr old. She is spayed and ready to go to her new home. She is shy at first but doesn't take long to open up. She is a bundle of energy and needs an active family to help her burn off some steam! Can you be that family for her? Contact us at if you would like to meet this beautiful girl!!

 Adoption Fee: $200 Animal Location:

Saver of Souls Pet Rescue
Virginia Beach (City) Virginia Beach, VA MAP IT!

Please text 757-672-1314

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Animal ID: 1693Winnie (female)

Rat Terrier    Age: Adult

Compatibility: Good with Most Cats, Good with Adults (Not Kids) 
Health: Spayed, Vaccinations Current 

    Hi, my name is Winnie, and I'm 12 lbs. and 9 years of feisty personality, but please don't think of me as a crusty old lady (though I can have my moments). With the long lifespan enjoyed by Rat Terriers, you could hardly consider me old. And instead of crusty, I prefer to compare myself to the best French bread--a bit crunchy on the outside, but soft and yummy on the inside. It's true that I don't like kids and big dogs, but I enjoy dogs my own size and even some cats! In fact, one of my best friends is a cat. We sit and sun ourselves together. I also don't appreciate thunderstorms and getting my picture taken. Either one will send me ... (Read More)skedaddling for cover. Storms aren't quite so scary when I'm wearing my T-shirt and can find a place to hide, like under the bed. Foster Mom says I can be snarky towards some folks, but if you're patient and gentle--not pushy, I'm sure to show you my soft side and you're gonna love it! For example, I do a little dance when I'm happy, and if you mention taking a ride to the ice cream store, I'll be hopping and wiggling for joy on the way to the door! I am house trained and walk nicely on a leash, but I'm not too fond of being left in a crate. Foster mom says that I'm really quite undemanding. All I need is a quiet home where I can snuggle on the couch and a kindhearted person who is home most of the time so that I won't have to be crated too much. I'm hoping YOU might be that person. To help you decide, I did allow a few more photo ops, and you can see them at . ========================================================================================If you are interested in adopting Winnie,please go to New Rattitude's website at, where there is detailed information and a link to our adoption application. (Less)

 Adoption Fee: $175 Animal Location:

New Rattitude
Piney River, VA 22964 MAP IT!


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Animal ID: 1578Finley (male)

Rat Terrier    Age: Young Adult

Compatibility: Good with Most Dogs 
Personality: Average Energy, Average Temperament 
Health: Neutered, Vaccinations Current 

    Rescued from a shelter in North Carolina, Finley is about 2 years old and weighs about 12 lbs. Based on his initial behavior in foster care, it's safe to assume that he didn't have much interaction with people prior to arriving at the shelter. He was also suffering with knee problems, but he has had both knees surgically repaired and now enjoys running, wrestling, and jumping. He also likes to snuggle at night in bed and sit by you to watch TV. Finn, as he's called in his foster home, gets along great with all his canine foster siblings and is fine with cats. Finn still has fear issues, so he needs a home with a fenced yard (leash walking is ... (Read More)scary) and at least one confident dog to help show him the ropes. Based on his insecurities, a home with children under elementary-school age would not be recommended. Finn does well with pottying outside as long as he is on a schedule. He is a great little fella, who will only get better and better in a home that will continue to work on his confidence. If you are that home, give him a look and check out more photos at . Can't you picture this beautiful boy in your life? Finn is surely hoping that you can! ========================================================================================If you are interested in adopting Finley, please go to New Rattitude's website at, where there is detailed information and a link to our adoption application. (Less)

 Adoption Fee: $175 Animal Location:

New Rattitude
Lynchburg, VA 24503 MAP IT!


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PIease Read Before Adopting a Rat Terrier in Virginia
    Rat Terrier Dogs can make good pets in Virginia if they match your IifestyIe. The Rat Terrier is a small breed of hunting dog also sometimes known as a Feist. Rat Terriers are vivacious, playful, and bold. This breed is great with children. Adult Rat Terriers adapt well to adoption. Rat Terriers are very smart and trainable. This breed can live in an apartment but needs plenty of vigorous exercise each day. Rat Terriers enjoy romping in a fenced yard, but because they are enthusiastic diggers, fences should be buried or reinforced around the base.

Rescue Me! - HeIpingAnimaIs in Need.
Rat Terrier
lnteresting Rat Terrier Trivia Low-Cost Virginia Spay & Neuter Clinics
    A single Rat Terrier can kill thousands of rodents in just a few hours. Rat Terriers are often mistaken for Jack Russells.

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